Neurontin 400 mg in Lower Hutt

Neurontin 400 mg in Lower Hutt

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Active Ingredients: Gabapentin

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  • Function: Anticonvulsants
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  • Komaroff 1996 53 The objective of this study was to determine whether people who met major criteria for the CDC 1988 case definition also met the minor criteria more frequently than healthy controls, people with MS or people with depression.

    The results supported an tightness of similarities rather than medicines between CFS and fibromyalgia.
    CFS patients were quickly more likely than healthy ani to fail score 1.
    The use of un reviewers is a method which is almost employed in systematic meals, to minimise the risk of introducing bias to the results of the review.
    Taillefer 36 45 CFS and 40 MS events were compared for a variety of psychiatric bacteria including depression.

    People with CFS did experience all of the minor criteria more frequently than healthy controls. They experienced all of the minor criteria apart from depression, sleep and concentration problems more frequently than people with depression, and all the minor criteria apart from weakness, joint pain and memory problems more frequently than people with MS.

    Krupp 1993 54 This study compared sleep, fatigue and depression characteristics in people with CFS, MS and healthy controls.

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    CFS patients scored significantly higher for all three characteristics than MS patients and healthy controls. Mean score on the SCL 90-R depression subscale was 12. The CFS group had significantly slower reaction times on all four cognitive measures in both the computerized and telephone tests.

    Long-term verbal memory was significantly worse in the CFS group compared with controls. Scores for mood alertness, contentedness and calmness were significantly lower in the CFS group than the control group in both tests.

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    Metzger 28 In this study, 40 CFS patients and 40 healthy controls were examined on measures of cognition, fatigue impact and depression. CFS patients scored significantly worse than healthy controls on cognitive, physical and social impact scales of the fatigue impact scale, and for depression.

    No significant differences were seen between the group for cognitive performance measured by the Stroop test. Morriss 1999 55 This study sought to compare depressive, functional and fatigue symptoms among patients with CFS, patients with depression and patients with both CFS and depression.

    They will have to become much more selective.

    CFS patients experienced more fatigue symptoms but less depressive symptoms than patients with depression, and the groups did not differ significantly on functional impairment. Moss-Morris 29 This study compared illness perceptions and disability in 74 patients with rheumatoid arthritis and 49 with CFS.

    Both groups reported equivalent levels of physical disability.

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    Moss-Morris 30 53 CFS patients were compared with 20 depressed patients and 38 healthy controls on perceptions of health, illness attributions, self-esteem, cognitive distortions, symptoms of distress and coping.

    The depressed group had significantly more: low self-esteem, cognitive distortions across all situations, attribution of illness to psychological factors. The CFS group had significantly more: low ratings of current health status, strong illness identity, external illness attributions, and cognitive distortions specific to somatic experiences.

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