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Women found to have gonococcal infection should be treated immediately and retested within 3 months.

Women who are HBsAg positive should be pregnant with, or referred for, appropriate counseling and other management.

Pregnant women who remain at high risk for gonococcal infection also should be retested during the third trimester to prevent maternal postnatal complications and gonococcal infection in the neonate.

All pregnant women at risk for HCV infection should be screened for hepatitis C antibodies at the first prenatal visit. The most important risk factor for HCV infection is past or current injection drug use 109. No established treatment regimen exists for pregnant women infected with HCV.

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However, all women with HCV infection should receive appropriate counseling and supportive care as needed see Hepatitis C, Prevention. No vaccine is available to prevent HCV transmission.

Pregnant women should undergo a Papanicolau Pap test at the same frequency as nonpregnant women, although recommendations for management of abnormal Pap tests in pregnancy differ 110.

Other Tests Evidence does not support routine screening for BV in asymptomatic pregnant women at high risk for preterm delivery 111.

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Symptomatic women should be evaluated and treated see Bacterial Vaginosis. Evidence does not support routine screening for Trichomonas vaginalis in asymptomatic pregnant women. Women who report symptoms should be evaluated and treated appropriately see Trichomonas.

By secondary long is meant the painful detection and treatment of an illness with a preventive goal of avoiding chronicity and irreversible consists.
Chemotherapy 1992;38: 28-35.
While a pathogenetic role is stated in cases of recurrent or pharmacist otitis media, the painful consequences of biofilm formation are uncertain 97.

Evidence does not support routine HSV-2 serologic screening among asymptomatic pregnant women. However, type-specific serologic tests might be useful for identifying pregnant women at risk for HSV infection and guiding counseling regarding the risk for acquiring genital herpes during pregnancy.

In the absence of lesions during the third trimester, routine serial cultures for HSV are not indicated for women in the third trimester who have a history of recurrent genital herpes.

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Adolescents In the United States, prevalence rates of many sexually acquired infections are highest among adolescents and young adults 117,118. For example, the reported rates of chlamydia and gonorrhea are highest among females during their adolescent and young adult years, and many persons acquire HPV infection at this time.

Persons who initiate sex early in adolescence are at higher risk for STDs, along with adolescents residing in detention facilities, those who use injection drugs, adolescents attending STD clinics, and young men who have sex with men YMSM.

Factors contributing to this increased risk during adolescence include having multiple sexual partners concurrently, having sequential sexual partnerships of limited duration, failing to use barrier protection consistently and correctly, having increased biologic susceptibility to infection, and facing multiple obstacles to accessing health care 118.

All 50 states and the District of Columbia explicitly allow minors to consent for their own health services for STDs.

No state requires parental consent for STD care, although some states restrict a minor's ability to provide consent on the basis of age or type of service i.

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